Parents should come and meet the teachers when called for Parents are expected to co- operate with the school by enforcing regularity, punctuality and discipline in the children and by taking sincere interest in their progress.

To see that their children prepare their lessons at home and devote at least one hour in the morning and two in the evening to study. Only if parents give their full co-operation, the school can help in the all-round development of the child.

Parents/guardians are requested not to visit the children or meet the teachers during class hours with out the prior permission of the Principal.

Parents should check the diary everyday and take note of the homework given and see that the homework is done before the children are sent to school the next day.

Any communication (request/ complaint) made by the parents should be addressed to the Principal.

Parents and guardians are requested to see that their children come to school with their nails trimmed and hair properly combed, as well as in neat school uniform.

Parents should encourage their children to participate in the school activities.

Presence of the parents for the Parent-Teacher meetings is compulsory. The Parents must meet the class teacher, with the permission from the Principal, once a month to know the progress of the child. Failure to meet the teachers is a serious lapse against your child.

Parents should avoid planning social functions, tours and pilgrimage on school days.

Parents are welcome to meet the teachers on working Saturdays between 1.00 pm and 3.00 pm.

Parents should remit the school fees and term fees on the days prescribed without delay.

A progress report showing the academic development of the children, with suggestion for improvement, will be sent after the formative assessments. The report must be signed by the parent/guardian and returned to the school within three days of issue. For the summative assessments, parents are expected to collect the same from the school in person.

The parents are always welcome to meet the school authorities and express their views and suggestions in a spirit of co-operation and goodwill.

Change of address of parents/guardians should be notified to the Principal.

The school diary serves as a means of communication between the school and the parents. Please note and countersign the remarks entered in the diary by the teachers.

Parents are requested to retain the fee receipts together at least till the end of the academic year.

We are as much interested in your child as you are. So take us in to confidence about everything relating to your child expecially regarding the physical health. In case the child suffers from any serious illness kindly inform the class teacher.


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