The Montfort School, Anakkara was started in June 1995. We have classes from LKG to STD XII. The medium of instruction is English and we follow the CBSE syllabus. The school is a co-educa­tiona1 institution. It has attached hostels for Boys and Girls separately. The academic year begins in June and ends in March. The working hours in the school are from 9.15 am to 4.00 pm with a lunch break of 30 minutes.


MontFort School is located at a distance of about 15 kms from Thekkady, the world-renowned wildlife destination and spice village. Location Map


a) The right age for admission in LKG is four plus while for admission to class I is six plus.

b) Normally admissions are given only in Nursery. Admission to other classes will be given only if, there is a vacancy.

c) All admissions shall be preceded by interview and entrance test. The result will be notified from the office. The decision taken by the school authority in this regard is final.

d) The application form should be filled in with great care and submitted to the school office within the prescribed time.

e) Admissions are open to all children without discrimination of caste, creed or language.


a) Students are admitted on the understanding that they would remain in the school at least for the entire academic year.

b) The school year is divided into the following terms:

1. May to August

2. September to December

3. January to April

c) If a parent desires to withdraw the child from the school before the end of the school year, the rules demand that the school fees & boarding fees - for the entire term should be paid before the Transfer Certificate could be issued.

d) An application for Transfer Certificate should be made in writing by the parent or local guardian.

e) The management reserves the right to compel the parents to withdraw their children, if their conduct is harmful to other students.


a) Irregular attendance, non-payment of fees, habitual disobedience and conduct which is injurious to the moral tone of the school, justifies dismissal of a student at any time of the year.

b) Malpractice in examinations is a grave offence. If found guilty the following rule shall apply:

For the first time the student shall be awarded zero marks for all the papers of the said examination. If repeated, it shall lead to detention or dismissal,

c) Any misbehavior of a serious nature that has become public knowledge is liable to bring about suspension or dismissal even if it took place outside the school premises.

) Any student failing twice in the same class will not be allowed to continue in the school.

  Course of Studies
Montfort offers education from the pre-primary to the senior secondary levels.

I. Pre-Primary (LKG & UKG)

  English-Reading, Writing and Conversation
  Number work
  Health Talk
  Lingua Talk
  Story Telling
  Physical Education
  Art, Singing and Dancing

II. Primary & Middle School (Std. I to Std. VIII)

   III. High School (Std. IX & X)  
    Moral Science\Religious Instruction
  English - Reading , Writing, Dictation, Prose, Poetry, Grammar &    Composition
  Second Language –Hindi
  Third Languages –Malayalam or Tamil
  Mathematics - Arithmetic, Basic Elements of Geometry & Practical    Skills
  General Science - Introduction to various branches of science and practical    work.
  Social Science -History, Geography & Civics
  Computer Science -Fundamentals, Logo, Basic. Windows & Ms Office
  General Knowledge
  Physical Education-Theory & Practice
  Art Education
  Music & Dances
  Current Affairs
    Moral Science \ Religious Instruction
  English-Prose, Poetry, Grammar & Composition
  Second Language -Hindi or Malayalam or Tamil
  Mathematics-Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Statistics &    Construction
  General Science-Physics, Chemistry, Biology
Social Science- History, Statistics, Geography & Civics
Computer Science
  General Knowledge
  Physical Science -Theory & Practice
  Art Education: Drawing & Craft
  Music & Dance
  Current Affairs


IV. Senior Secondary Level
  Course I
Science Group
Course II
Commerce Group




 Physics  Chemistry
 Computer Science/ Biology  General Studies


 Accountancy  Business Studies
 Computer Science/ Mathematics  General Studies

The students shall come in proper school uniform on Monday, Tuesday and Thursdays. They shall come in white uniform on Wednesday. On Fridays they shall wear their respective House Uniform. On Saturdays, if working, they shall wear Blue uniform.



  Uniform for Boys:       Uniform for Girls:

On all working days except on Wednesdays and Fridays, the uniform is white shirt with blue stripes (half sleeves) oxford blue shorts/pants, blue socks, black shoes, school tie and school belt.

On all working days except on Wednesdays and Fridays the uniform is white shirt with blue stripes (half sleeves), oxford blue pinafore, blue socks, black shoes, school tie and school belt.

For Std XI and XII oxford blue long pants. white shirt with stripes, blue socks, black shoes, school tie and school belt


For Std XI and XII girls, blue check kammeez, oxford blue coat with school emblem, oxford blue salwar and black half shoe.


On Wednesdays and other stipulated days the uniform will be white shirt (half sleeves), white shorts/pants, white socks, white canvas shoes, school tie and school belt.

On Wednesdays and other stipulated days the uniform will be white shirt (half sleeves), white skirt, white socks white canvas shoes school tie and school belt.

On Fridays they shall wear their respective house uniform.

  On Fridays they shall wear their respective house uniform
Boys up to class IV will wear short pants and others shall wear pants instead of shorts

LKG and UKG students should have handkerchiefs pinned to their pinafore Students are forbidden to use bangles. Navy blue sweaters with the school emblem printed and black ribbons are permitted.

  Rules and Regulations

Pupils will keep the class rooms and school premises absolutely clean, thus promote clean environment.

Damage to school property, disfiguring of walls, indecent language or behaviour are serious offences which may entail punishment and even dismissal.

Pupils will at all time show respect and reverence to school authorities and members of the staff. They should remember that every child of this institution is a gentleman or lady in the making.

Pupils should be responsible for the safety of their belongings. They are advised not to bring any costly articles to the school.

A student must obtain prior written permission from the Principal before joining any course or activity, not conducted or organized by the school. These activities should never clash with the school programmes.

Only English should be spoken in the school premises to acquire greater fluency in the use of the language.

Collection of funds or giving gifts to anyone for any purpose must be with the permission of the Principal.

Pupils should not bring any magazine, periodicals or CD's to the school without the permission of the Principal.

Students are expected to take part in all the co-curricular activities of the school as part of their civic, cultural and leadership training.

Though every care is taken to ensure the safety and welfare of the students, accidents are possible. The school will not be held responsible for accidents small or serious that happen to the students during the school hours.

In all, it must be noted that the school is keen on the children maintaining a presentable personality in dress, language and outlook. Every pupil is expected to keep the high tone of the school by excelling in conduct, good manners and cleanliness both in and out of the school.