Montfort Senior Secondary School at Anakkara is a CBSE School run by the Religious Congregation of Montfort Brothers of St. Gabriel, Province of Yercaud. The School offers quality education and maintains consistently high academic standards. It gives all students an equal opportunity for learning and developing through holistic education that strongly grounded in values. In many ways the School provides a truly unique educational environment for the students and prepare them to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing world.

The School also offers students a wide range of opportunities to encourage and foster creativity and leadership skills through various Extra-Curricular and Co-curricular activities. The School continually strives to increase sensitivity to social and environmental issues and maintains a green and clean campus.

As a Catholic minority institution in a multi-religious society, the School caters to the spiritual needs of all its students and is committed to encouraging an open, liberal outlook among students, and a world view that embraces diversity and difference. Catholic students are supported through courses on Christian perspectives while other students take courses on ethics and value formation.

The school is always open to innovation and positive change, which is beneficial to both students and society at large. Influenced by the charisma of our patron St. Montfort, the School will always continue to keep in sight its vision and mission of pursuing the quest for value-based academic excellence and integrity, which leads to transformational change in society. The School theme for academic year 2016-17 is “Dare to Dream”. It calls every student to be different and be innovative and creative in their pursuit of excellence. It is necessary to leap into the dark with clear vision in order to achieve greater heights. May God almighty help the teachers to kindle the spark of enquiry and learning in the minds of the students and may the students be studious in their effort to aspire for greater things in their life. Let them learn to create new ideas with originality and creativity.

With Best Wishes and Prayers,

Bro.Joseph Thomas.


( Affiliated to CBSE, New Delhi, No. 9304242)

Anakkara Idukki Dist., Kerala - 685512, India

Administered by Montfort Brothers of St. Gabriel