The origin of Augustinian Sisters of Cologne, Germany dates back to 1838, when four sisters responded to the call of the church and the need of their time, dedicated to their lives to humanity. True to their tradition, they try to continue Christ's Ministry through various activities such as health ministry, education, hostels, counseling and home for the senior citizens, nursing school, social activities etc. They started their first house in India at Kumily in 1967 rendering health services and their services are available in many parts of the our country. Realizing a great need of girls' boarding in Montfort School, they had initiated to run the girls' boarding. Rules and regulations of boys boarding will apply to girls boarding also.



Apart from the school uniform, the following items are to be brought :
2 bathing towels and 3 sets of night suits (no lungi allowed)
4 sets of colour dress. (a) 2 pairs of black shoes. (b) 2 pairs of white shoes and (c)One pair of slippers
2 sports banians, 1 school tie, 1 school belt and one woolen sweater. (These items can be bought from the school.)
2 pillow cases, 1 good woolen blanket and 2 bed sheets.
3 pairs of games dress and two pairs of canvas shoes for games.
Required postal stamps and inland letters.

Other Personal requirements

Soap, soap dish, washing soap, a plastic bucket and a plastic mug.
Comb, mirror and hair oil, tooth paste and tooth brush.
Shoe polish and brush.
4 good locks and a key chain (Duplicate keys are to be deposited with warden.)
Pen, marker pen, pencil, sharpener, foot rule, eraser, mathematical instrument box and colour pencils.


( Affiliated to CBSE, New Delhi, No. 9304242)

Anakkara Idukki Dist., Kerala - 685512, India

Administered by Montfort Brothers of St. Gabriel