In line with the Education Policy of the Govt. of India, education will be a continuous course of study. As such, the performance of the students will be reviewed throughout the year by conducting tests and examinations. Thus assessment will be a continuous process, and will not be confined to the Annual Examinations alone.
The progress of pupils are assessed by means of slip tests, Formative and Summative Assessments. The slip tests are objective tests conducted by subject teachers at short notice.
At the end of every Formative Assessment, the progress report is prepared and sent to the parents through the children for their careful perusal and appropriate follow up action. These reports are to be signed and returned to the school office within three days of the receipt of the same. For Summative Assessments, the same are to be collected by parents from the school. The pass mark is 40% for all subjects for students of std XI & XII.
Promotions are based on the averages of the formative and summative assessments conducted throughout the year.
Promotion of the students who have absented themselves from the Annual Examination is based on the following criteria:
* The student should have performed well in the averages.
* The Principal and the teachers concerned are confident that the student will be able to cope with, in the next class.


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